LVI Energy

Energy Data Management

Gain comprehensive visibility into your overall energy spend with a single, enterprise-wide system of record.

A comprehensive energy management approach can have a positive impact on your organization—and your bottom line. Discover strategies for gaining better visibility into your energy use.

A successful energy data management system can deliver a substantial return on investment—even at early stages of implementation.

Lear more about how our vendor partner Hara helped global communications provider, Avaya, realize its own rapid ROI. In a detailed case study, you’ll discover how Avaya was able to dramatically decrease energy-related costs—while supporting its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent by 2015.

Download the case study and learn:

  • How to gain visibility into key cost savings opportunities by accurately monitoring and reviewing company-wide energy and sustainability activity
  • How to align fragmented energy management processes and players by centralizing management operations
  • How to meet consumption and sustainability goals using enhanced tracking, reporting, and verification designed to support long-term objectives
  • How to decrease carbon emissions with an enterprise-wide view of energy consumption—Avaya saw a 2.4 percent reduction in just a single year

Set your company in the right direction to see a quick return on improved energy management, and attain its long-term sustainability goals. Learn how Avaya launched its successful energy management program—from Hara.