LVI Energy

HVAC Load Reduction


Lane Valente is proud to offer a new HVAC energy saving solution based on breakthrough HLR™ air treatment technology from enVerid Systems.

The backdrop to this energy saving opportunity is that outside or “fresh” air ventilation accounts for a very large part of an HVAC system’s overall heat load and energy consumption. Such ventilation is normally necessary in order to counter the buildup of indoor air contaminants like CO2 , formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The sleek HVAC Load Reduction (HLR™) module from enVerid implements a suite of technologies originally developed for aerospace, military and industrial applications that efficiently remove the full range of molecular contaminants from indoor air, including of course CO2. The HLR™ solution typically enables an 80% reduction of outside air intake without compromising indoor air quality – indeed, indoor air quality is actually improved with less outdoor pollution drawn into building – providing  substantial energy savings.

The HLR™ Module is compatible with virtually any central HVAC system and multiple modules offer a scalable solution to any size building. It is easily installed as an add-on or retrofit and immediately enables significant energy savings without any modification to the building’s existing systems.  HLR™ technology has been installed with great success in multiple continents and has repeatedly shown 20-30% savings in cooling or heating energy, with peak energy consumption trimmed by over 40%.


  • Proven energy savings and superb air quality
  • Simple installation of a low cost add-on with short term ROI
  • Compatible and scalable with virtually any building