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Best Buy LED Sign Retrofit

When the largest consumer electronics outlet in the US needed to retrofit its existing large fluorescent building signs, Best Buy looked to LVI & LVI Energy for the solution. The consumer electronics giant which operates more than 3,900 stores throughout North America, Europe, China, and now Mexico, mostly under the Best Buy and The Phone House banners, will be retrofitting its existing big yellow tag signs from old, inefficient, high-output (HO) fluorescent lighting over to the much more energy efficient system of LED lighting.

Best Buy was looking for 2 solutions in one. First they are committed to reducing their energy costs associated with inefficient lighting. Second, Best Buy was looking to reduce their maintenance costs on costly exterior signage and lighting repairs. What better way to achieve these goals then with an exterior sign retrofit program that would take old lighting technologies and replace them with new energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free LED lighting systems.

LVI will be leading the way for all LED installations throughout the store chain. Projects in the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic have already been underway since the end of 2009. Each Best Buy store location that will be retrofitted by LVI and will have the outdated fluorescent lighting removed and replaced with the new energy–efficient, long–life, GE Tetra® LED lighting systems. The new LED lighting systems will be mounted inside of each large Tag sign and will save Best Buy up to 83% in energy savings, while at the same time reducing their maintenance costs over the next 7 years.

Project Specifics

LVI completed its first Best Buy LED retrofit in Manassas, VA back in October of 2009. The Manassas, VA store had (2) two large fluorescent tag signs and (1) one double sided monument pylon sign. All signage at the Manassas store was retrofitted using the GE Tetra product. GE offers the same product for both single sided and double-sided signs. Because LVI is able to use the same product for both double and single sided signs, it enables Best Buy to have a consistent product throughout their entire store chain.

Leaner and Greener

Best Buy expects to cut energy usage by more than 75%, and achieve an estimated 52% reduction in kilowatt hours with signs lit an average of 12 hours per day, 365 days per year. That represents an estimated reduction of 8,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually or the equivalent of planting more than 2,300 acres of trees per year. The GE Tetra® LED systems are significantly more energy efficient than commonly used neon or fluorescent, and they overcome performance challenges fluorescent can encounter in cold climates.

“GE has more than 19 million feet of Tetra® LED lighting installed with less than a 0.05 percent warranty return rate,” says Eric Stevenson, GE‘s global product manager – signage. Lane Valente Industries (LVI) is a new LED lighting installer for GE and has partnered up with GE as a resource for all future LED projects.

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