LVI Energy

gHID Lighting

Looking to dramatically reduce your high wattage lighting costs without sacrificing light quality? The answer is simple – gHID.

Genesys’s patented gHID solution is a true retrofit product that reduces energy consumption of existing HID light fixtures by up to 75%. It gives customers a cost competitive drop-in alternative that works with all brands of HID fixtures and lamps, and is incredibly easy to install and maintain.

The genius of gHID is its simplicity. Its time-tested analog design allows operation in any real-world environment, from indoor high-bay settings to the most extreme outdoor environments. gHID provides standard product offerings for all high wattage fixtures from 150W to 1,000W. Product highlights include:

  • Instant savings – gHID delivers best in class energy savings (up to 75%)
  • Easy to implement – gHID can be deployed faster than all other lighting solutions with no business interruption
  • Decreased maintenance costs – gHID provides significant extension in lamp and ballast life (2 to 3 times)
  • Improved CRI light quality – a “whiter” and “brighter” light
  • Faster strike time – <1 minute cold strike, <4 minute re-strike
  • Controllability – 0-10V continuous dimming controls
  • Automatic shut off – gHID enters “dormant” mode upon lamp failure

gHID is compatible with all standard HID lamps, has been thoroughly tested to ensure high performance with every major lamp manufacturer, and can be easily fine-tuned in the field to maximize savings without sacrificing light quality.